Unlocking Opportunities: INITI8 2023 Real Estate Conference Brings the INITIA Family Together in Toronto



INITI8 2023 was officially held in the vibrant city of Toronto on October 20-21! This annual conference by INITIA Real Estate delivered two days filled with learning from industry experts, celebrating achievements, networking opportunities, and, of course, having a blast!

Learning from the Best:

This year, INITI8 curated an exceptional lineup of speakers to enrich our Realtors’ knowledge. From the witty and talented Julie Kim, lead writer for Kim’s Convenience, to Dean Wilkinson, CIBC Capital Markets Real Estate Equity Analyst who forecasted the Real Estate Outlook, the insights shared were diverse and invaluable. Michael Sager, CIBC Deputy CIO, Multi-Asset & Currency, and Erick Ferrari, Director of Maya Ocean Developments, provided perspectives on the global and Canadian economy and insights into Mexico’s top development scene. Margaret Miedema from Canadian Blood Services, INITIA’s charity partner, shared inspiring words.

INITIA Real Estate went all out to ensure the conference was informative and enjoyable. Breakfast, lunch, and a sponsored cocktail hour with live entertainment provided perfect settings for networking and strengthening bonds within the INITIA family.

Family Reunion Vibes:

Known as INITI8, this annual conference was more than just an industry event – it was a family reunion! Held in a different city each year, INITI8 brought INITIA Realtors and their guests from across Canada and beyond. It was a chance for agents and their families to connect, network, and learn from the best in the industry. INITI8 was where the INITIA family came together to share experiences, explore opportunities, and strengthen the bonds that made us one big family.

Join Us for INITI8 2024:

INITIA Realtors, industry professionals, and partners mark your calendars for the next chapter in our annual conference journey. INITI8 2024 is an even more spectacular event featuring thought-provoking speakers, cutting-edge insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

To learn more about INITI8 2024 visit https://www.initia.ca/initi8/

Follow INITIA on Social Media:

Stay informed about INITI8 2024 announcements, speaker reveals, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content by following INITIA Real Estate on social media. Join the conversation using the hashtag #INITI82024 and participate in the excitement of the next big INITIA family reunion.

As we eagerly await the next installment of INITI8, let’s carry the spirit of INITI8 2023 forward, turning lessons learned into actions that propel our careers and the real estate industry to new heights. INITI8 2024 – a future of possibilities, connections, and success awaits. See you there!

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